Sleigh Bells to make Mercury Ballroom debut

Brooklyn stylish noise-pop band Sleigh Bells will play the new Mercury Ballroom on Friday, June 13. Yvette opens.

“…[Coachella women] were usually the best or most definitive performers onstage…[including] Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells, an electro-punk shouter who has turned into a powerful soul singer…” – New York Times

“Most Dynamic: Sleigh Bells. From the dependably fierce vocals of singer Alexis Krauss to the flashing white panels of light behind the band, Sleigh Bells managed to be both experimental and human…The dancing never stopped.” – Rolling Stone (“20 Best Things at Coachella 2014′s Second Weekend”)

“As the amped-up frontwoman of a group that defies definition, Krauss owned the stage … displaying a punk sensibility, if not the pedigree … it was impossible not to get wrapped up in this whirlwind storm of stamina that takes primitive punk and electro-hip-pop to an eardrum-splitting level with mash-ups of sounds and genres.” – Huffington Post

“…[Sleigh Bells] delivered a scorching evening set that delivered on the promise we all saw back in ’09, when the band had just introduced their thunderous genre-blending aesthetic. A big night, and a demonstration of extended vitality and relevance, for one of the last five years’ most important bands.  – Revolt TV

“One word: PERFECT.” –

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