Tender Mercy: record review

Tender Mercy
As Someone Else You Embrace the Moment In Us

Never has a musical project had a more apt name than Tender Mercy. The now-solo venture by Mark Kramer, Tender Mercy explores singer-songwriter compositions so utterly stark that they almost fade away entirely. With his newest release, As Someone Else You Embrace the Moment In Us, Kramer induces an atmosphere of glimmering, if distant hope. Delicate, each song is a testament to restraint and refined beauty, focusing intently on the interplay between Kramer’s spare guitar work and voice, which somehow manages the careful balance between brittle and powerful. What sets Tender Mercy apart from other folk music is the barren landscapes Kramer works with, that each song hinges on the slightest sounds, making as much use of the space around each note as the note itself. It’s this tenuous nature that informs the tension throughout the all-too-brief EP, which carefully embraces the listener. Kramer is an absolute treasure to Louisville music. — Syd Bishop

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  1. nelson
    Posted February 28, 2014 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    Woo Hoo ! I knowed he had it in him ! Where can I purchase a copy of this ?


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