Pelican – album review

Forever Becoming


For those that like their metal epic, Pelican gives you their fifth studio album, Forever Becoming. On their first album without founding guitarist Laurent Schroeder-Lebec, the instrumental metal quartet build on their post-metal repertoire by attempting to expand their sonic palette. The brooding, monolithic “Terminal” announces the band’s triumphant return, which drenched in feedback and delicate guitar work establishes an unfair precedent that the rest of “Forever Becoming” will contain the same level of reservation. While there are moments of abject restraint throughout the album, they are but welcome respites from an otherwise straightforward affair that mines territory familiar to bands like Isis, or to a lesser degree Mogwai. The lumbering opus “Threnody” shows the band at their most sprawling, which is perhaps telling considering how anti-climatic an ending for the song. It’s not that “Forever Becoming” is a bad record, but that it quickly becomes apparent how very tedious it can be. — Syd Bishop

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