Nowhere Fast: record review

Nowhere Fast

What Nowhere Fast produce is straightforward pop music with a punk edge. Note that I do not refer to this as pop-punk, as their music doesn’t adhere to this genre classification in the strictest sense, but that they themselves make pop/rock music, with a particularly punk bent. Their newest EP, Trials, opens with the blistering “Magnanimous: you are not,” which features chug-heavy guitars and singsong vocals, and serving as a fair example of the remainder of the album. This is an especially clean sounding album, from the production to the composition, which could go a long way in helping or stagnating the band’s trajectory. What Trials offers is something that would fit in perhaps a little to well on the Warp Tour, which for fans of this genre could be a good or a bad thing, depending on whether you want something fresh or something polished to the point of homogeny. — Syd Bishop

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