Musicians and artists come out to support The Rud

“Dear Louisville Music fans-
The Rudyard Kipling needs our support. If you enjoy drinking and would like to spend your money on alcohol, tonight (TUESDAY, OCT. 30th) at the Rudyard Kipling would be a really great day to do so. If you don’t enjoy drinking and would just like to support the Rud, tonight (TUESDAY, OCT. 30th) would be a really great day to do so.

The Rud is one of those venues that has been around forever that many of us forget about or take for granted. That’s really a shame, because, for nearly 28 years, the Rud has provided a warm, supportive environment for artists and musicians. Owners Ken and Sheila Pyle have never been in business strictly for the money. Artists who play the Rudyard Kipling have always kept 100% of the admission prices for performances. Many a struggling touring artist has received a free meal and kind words from Ken. Lots of local musicians will tell you they played their first show at the Rudyard Kipling, because it was the one place that was willing to give them a chance, even if they weren’t yet able to draw a big crowd. I owe a lot of gratitude to the Rudyard Kipling and just wanted to spread the word. I’m hoping maybe some folks might join me in a beer tomorrow. I’ll be there around 7.

The Rudyard Kipling is located at 422 West Oak St. and is open regularly on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. at 7 PM.
(502) 636-1311

— Carrie Neumayer

“I worked at The Rudyard Kipling for years, and it was a safe haven and home for me at times when I would have otherwise felt pretty lost. I saw countless bands and made friends that I consider family to this day. I’ve laughed and cried inside of those warm brick wall, and I can’t imagine Louisville without it. The Rud has fallen on some dire financial times, and tonight is the last night before a serious deadline. I’ll be taking my old spot behind the bar after nine for a few hours to try and help out. Please, please, please come out to The Rudyard Kipling tonight even if it’s just for one beer or whatever. Ken Pyle has been giving us something magical for years; let’s give some of that back.” — Lyndi Curtis

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