Black Breath – album review

Black Breath
Sentenced To Life


When Black Breath released Heavy Breathing in 2010, it won them many fans and critics adulation. Now only two years later, with a heightened profile that landed them at SXSW, they drop Sentenced To Life. At it’s press announcement, Black Breath said it would be less Entombed death n’ roll and more aggressive, and that’s largely true, except for “Home of The Grave” which grooves to their older sound. The rest of the album is steamrolled over by a stronger thrash influence then before. Coming across like a angrier crust punk version of Municipal Waste wrapped in Exodus-like electrifying rhythm and lead interplay most notably on “Forced Into Possession,” “Feast Of The Damned” and the title track. Combine their new elements with their established style of Swedish buzz saw riffs meets d-beat hardcore, and the end product is something that sounds fresh even though the influence is clear. Sentenced To Life is another skull-frying dose of Black Breath that yet again blurs enough genre lines to avoid retro status through careful songwriting. — Austin Weber

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