Mati Zundel – album review

Mati Zundel
Amazonico Gravitante

Yay, genre blending! Blur the lines! “I don’t know what to call it, but I like it.” Yeah, about that. Just because you hit shuffle on your Zune and it played a dubstep song followed by a Buena Vista Social Club song doesn’t mean you’ve found an untapped sweet spot into crossover appeal. Most of the time, it comes off sounding like your apartment walls are too thin and your Joni Mitchell CD is competing with the radio of the gyro joint next door. Mati Zundel is aiming for such a mash-up here, but just because you keep stopping an album to exclaim “did you just hear that?” doesn’t mean that exclamation was for good. For one, I’ve never heard an album use the Star Wars blaster sound effect once, much less as much as on this album. It sounds like R2D2 is playing the Diddy role, ad-libbing the digital equivalent of “Uh-huh! Yeah! Can’t stop won’t stop” over and over. Maybe the sample clearance had a ‘minimum usage’ clause? Avoid. — Damien McPherson

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  1. Troublesome T-Roy Mcstingy
    Posted June 22, 2012 at 12:06 pm | Permalink

    Did you even listen to the album?! Dubstep? Mashup? This is Argentinian dance music man, not some white dude trying to make ethnic hippy mashups. He plays live instruments in live performance with his buddies on the regular. Read up before you write up son! ZZK Records is killin’ it!!!! UGHHHHH!

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