album review – Buffalo Killers

Buffalo Killers

With their heavy metal Jesus appearance, one wouldn’t expect Buffalo Killers to sound like a chilled out band of Heartbreakers fronted by Tom Petty twins. But that’s not an illusion; those twins are actually Andrew and Zachary Gabbard, whose semi-hearty voices lead this band of brothers. They are, in fact, peaceful musicians who enjoy the feeling of lap steel against Zeppelin constructed riffs, but you won’t catch these tunes hanging around icy peaks and wizards. They remain very down-to-earth, unashamed to jamboree with a banjo and sax in one record. “Thuma Bird” goes down easy like a classic slice of American pie while Kelley Deal, sister of Pixies bassist Kim Deal, joins the revelry in “Could Never Be,” the closest to an epic journey that 3 can offer. In the spirit of electric kool-aid and acid exams, they jaunt happily to winds of fuzzy Americana with airy guitar more fit for the open road, and probably a couple scenes in The Big Chill. — Lara Kinne

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