Father Jah & Donnie McFly, “A.C.”

Father Jah is back with a new single, this time paired up with Donnie McFly on the appropriate-for-summer “A.C.” featuring Solo. Filled with the Li’l Wayne-styled punchlines that seem to be dominating rap the last couple summers (“I put my whole face in it: Tony Montana”), the pairing will bring a full-length this August in the form of “Mr. Myagi meets Bigfoot Mackzilla” (yes, really).

“A.C.” owes as much to No Limit-era southern rap (including “hunnnnnhhhh”s on the hook) as it does to Wayne’s rhyme scheme du jour, while the beat sounds like a Mannie Fresh knockoff. It leaves you unclear who Jah, McFly, and Solo are as artists in their own right. That Jah has been around in the local scene as long as he has only adds to the confusion of this song. Who is he as an emcee? As a man? “A.C.” suggests the worst: a rider of coattails, or in hip-hop parlance, a biter. I want to give the benefit of the doubt, but it’s just not here. McFly, formerly Wreck D. Mic, is best summed up by the “Influences” section of his Myspace page: “The local drug dealers and thugs, those were my heroes.” —Damien McPherson

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