Ooooh fancy!

Finally, we have a new website. New design. New features. And no paisley. When was the last time you wore paisley anyway?

Don’t answer that.

Welcome to Bluegrass Catastrophe, which promises to inform, excite, annoy, titillate, infuriate, and in general either improve your day or ruin it, depending what mood you’re in. Plus, the site was shortened to bluecat, and I’m a UK grad. yes, it is possible for a musico to like sports.

Speaking of ruin: Many artists have written me regarding missing listings, and you all are right to be steamed. Here’s the deal: LEO is now using a service called Evie, which you can find here, where we, you and anyone with Internet access, and a creative username and password, can log in and enter events. In the transition, we’ve encountered some technological difficulties that have omitted events that were entered faithfully and did not appear in the paper. This is made even more frustrating by the fact that once you enter an event into the system, you cannot edit it if the details of a particular show change later.

This has caused much hand-wringing for yours truly, and will probably result in me going bald faster than LEO’s fearless editor, Stephen George. However, both Southcomm and Evie’s tech folk have assured me the problems will be remedied and “Plugged In” will remain a robust source of show information, and you won’t skin me alive. At least until the next batch of record reviews gets published.

As I wrote in my B-Sides column earlier this month, I am discontinuing the “Plugged In” hotline. We were getting on average, five or six messages every week, and since free e-mail accounts have become ubiquitous and user-friendly, we’re making the big bold move to the 21st Century, and choosing e-mail exclusively. Feel free to fax us, though, at (502) 895-9779, and put attention “Plugged In” in the subject line of the cover sheet, so it’s not thrown out with our spare copies of The Southeast Outlook.

Also, we do not check event invitations sent to us at our MySpace or Facebook pages, please send all listings to this address.

Which brings me to the issue of reviews:

I do not, nor would I, write all of the reviews we run in the print edition. The writers’ names are in italics at the end of each review. Because the majority of our writers are freelancers, we do not give out their personal e-mail addresses, unless they give us permission. If you have a question or dispute about a review, e-mail me, and I will forward your comments onto that writer.

LEO is going to place a huge emphasis on local reviews for the print edition. This is not to say that we will abandon giving our two cents on the national front. Far from it. National and regional reviews will appear in print but on a less frequent scale, and you will be able to find more of them on our website. But, we can’t, in good conscience, say we’re covering Louisville music without reviewing the records put out by people who actually live here. It’s just common sense.

As far as the content goes, reviews are the opinion of ONE writer. LEO tangentially endorses writers’ critiques because we publish them, but that’s as far as it goes. The opinions contained in the review are theirs and theirs alone, but if there is a factual error, please alert me immediately and a correction will be run the following edition.

That said, your grievances are welcome and critical to the music section’s success.

Sermon’s over. Kick the tires on the site … Call me if the car breaks down. —Mat


  1. Dana
    Posted October 9, 2008 at 10:29 am | Permalink

    I have to say, I’m sorely disappointed in the LEO redesign! There’s so much that could’ve been done to improve the flow of information but you’ve managed to ignore all the problems and just put up a new skin. More planning & some serious web professionals would’ve done wonders.

  2. Mac T.
    Posted November 18, 2008 at 9:52 am | Permalink

    You’re probably right, but even “serious web professionals” have to do what the client asks for, even if it’s not a good idea.
    With that said, it looks like things are getting better, slowly.

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