Tegan & Sara in Cincinnati – 5.09.08

What can I say, it was a great week for concerts. The sold-out Tegan & Sara show at Bogart’s was mayhem from beginning to end. I knew of some friends who were setting up camp in line at 10am Friday morning, just to ensure a good spot near the stage. I thought they were nuts, until I joined them around 5:30, bringing some much-needed bourbon and a fresh perspective on the situation. There were two doors. Were they going to open them at the same time, or was one line going to have an advantage over the other? After asking every staffmember reporting for duty, we were satisfied knowing that they’d open both doors at the same time.

The thing is, my friends already were fortunate to meet Sara earlier that day — she was just walking around Vine Street, they said. Kinda scary if you’re familiar with the area — but not surprising if you know anything about T&S. They got everything — the photos, the handshakes, the autographs. Why I didn’t join them earlier I’ll never know.

Once the doors opened, it was a mad dash up to the stage. I never saw so many rabid fans in my life — even at a New Kids on the Block concert in the late ’80s. They were pushing, scratching and clawing their way to the front. I could only stand and try to hold my ground. Luckily, my friends got front row, while I stood behind to safeguard them.

The show was so great. Tegan and Sara sang a lot of songs off their new CD, The Con, and would mix in our favorites from past albums. In true T&S style, their onstage banter was the most entertaining, as they revealed stories behind the lyrics and made fun of obnoxious audience members.

One funny story — my “devoted” friends had been to the Tegan and Sara concert in Indy the night before, where Tegan apparently forgot some words to “I Know I Know I Know.” So while in line on Friday, they wrote out the lyrics on posterboard for her. So the signs made their way to the stage that night, and Tegan was happy to oblige, saying they were going to skip this song if it hadn’t been for the notecards.

My favorites of the night: “Where Does The Good Go,” “Call It Off” and “Living Room,” which they ended the encore with.

Wish they woulda played: “Noises In The Dark” and “City Girl.”

As you can see, my pictures didn’t turn out as good as Uh Huh Her, nor did I get to meet Tegan and/or Sara. But they put on a great show, as always. —Sara Havens

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  1. Woodford Man
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    what brand of bourbon did you have?

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