California Guitar Trio @ 21c Museum Gallery

California Guitar Trio plays tonight at the 21C Museum Hotel. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets for the all ages show at $12.

Ten hours in a car will get to anyone. For California Guitar Trio and their soundman Tyler Trotter, it’s getting them hungry. They’ve just sat down to at Rich O’s Public House in New Albany, Ind., — ground zero if you want crafted, top-shelf beer, and the only place where one Bud Light will set you back about $8.

Until a few moments ago, when Paul Richards, Bert Lams and Hideyo Moriya sat down to imbibe a few brews and eat a late dinner, the trio was ensconced in their van traveling from Parsons, Kan., through a hellacious Missouri blizzard. They’re travelling in support of a new covers album, Echoes, the basic tracks for which were recorded at The Funeral Home in Louisville.

Who plays? Who doesn’t: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy sings a cover of “Freebird,” King Crimson alums Pat Mastelotto (formerly of XTC) and Tony Levin appear, but the album belongs to the trio, who treat guitars like Monet treats a canvas, adding a new perspective on classics like Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” (no, there aren’t any vocals), and The Ventures’ “Cruel Sea” (none on that one, too), and most of all, Pink Floyd’s “Echoes.” CG’s 12-minute version, while shorter than the original, is no less stunning.

A fatigued smile crosses Utah native Paul Richards’ face as he explains the band’s new distribution deal for Echoes with Ryko, and discusses the possibility of working with Tommy Emmanuel’s publicist to bolster sales and create even more awareness about their shows. “Touring has always been our best promotion, and we sell the most CDs, the money goes directly to us,” he says. “Magazines and all that, that’s still good.”

Meanwhile Bert Lams, originally from Belgium, explains the method behind why the band chose the songs it did. “It was a process of trial and error. ”

Though it won’t be available until May, the band will be selling copies of Echoes at its shows. —Mat Herron

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