Phantom Family Halo tour with Slint

Psych-rock-experimental homies Phantom Family Halo head out west for two weeks beginning July 17. On the books are two shows opening for Slint in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Then in August, PFH treks back east for two weeks with Pittsburgh’s Midnite Snake. PFH’s album The Legend of Black Six, originally released on vinyl, will be re-released on CD July 31 via Cold Sweat Records, which put out Dead Child’s five-song EP earlier this year. Dead Child, which includes PFH singer/drummer Dahm on vocals, Slint guitarist Dave Pajo and Michael McMahan (Slint’s second guitar player) also on git, heads to the studio in November to record a full-length on Touch and Go Records.

The Halo kicks off the tour Friday night at Lisa’s Oak St. Lounge (1004 E. Oak St., Rock starts at 10 p.m. VRKTM and Gaj Mustafa Cell provide more than ample support.

Tour dates are here: check out

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