The best aspect of Bonnaroo, in this music-lover’s opinion, is the opportunity to see bands I probably wouldn’t have checked out otherwise. It does get hard to keep up, but even if you see only a fraction of the artists performing, it’s well worth the trip. It’s a melting pot of music, with everything from Bluegrass to Indie to metal, and a comedy tent to boot. And about the comedy tent, I think Lewis Black said it best when he proclaimed people ought to go see whatever piece of crap is performing in there just to get some air conditioning. But when you’ve got Black, David Cross and Dave Attell performing, the choice is pretty easy to make anyway.

The mass of people is a sight to behold, and considering the heat, were in pretty good spirits. I didn’t expect to see so many women walking around topless (and no, body paint doesn’t count as clothing), but to each her own. There were also tons of empty balloons lying around in the parking lot- I guess there was some kind of balloon-animal-making competition I missed…. The most interesting encounter was with a dude who sat down next to me under a tent with a glazed look in his eyes and asked, “Are we dead?” I didn’t think so I answered, and continued to eat my meal. “Hey, I’ve got a burger in my pocket!” he proclaimed a few minutes later. I somehow managed not to spit out my food in laughter.

What a weekend. Thanks Bonnaroo.

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